La food from the ecuadorian coast is characterized by its delicious meats, the variety of them gives your kitchen a very special personality, in addition to the accessories with which they are served. On the coast you will not only taste the famous corn, you will also delight in the yucca, peanuts, sweet potatoes, as well as cocoa and coconut, tropical fruits are delicious.

The classes of Fish They are varied on the Ecuadorian coast, as well as seafood, you can find large and meaty shrimp, ideal for a Cazuela which is usually seasoned with spicy achiote and chili. Veal meat is also widely consumed on the coast, steak is the best way to prepare it, it is accompanied with potatoes, onions and is seasoned with the inevitable chili pepper, you can complement the dish with a portion of rice.

Other dishes that you will only find on the coast are Fish bun, is green dough with pieces of fish wrapped in a banana leaf, the Grilled Shells, prepared with onions, tomatoes and lemons that will be previously roasted on the grill. And if you want to delight yourself with a sweet, the Cocadas are the best coconut-based recipe that you will try, made based on grated coconut, coconut water, milk and sugar.

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