La Church of San Carlos de Borromeo (Karlskirche in German) in Vienna It is a magnificent Baroque building that stands out for its great Greco-Roman dome and its two columns in low relief. The building has a height of 80 meters by about 60 wide and constitutes the second largest temple in the capital after the St. Stephen's Cathedral.

It was built in 1739 thanks to a promise from Emperor Charles VI. The monarch swore that as soon as the city was rid of the strong plague epidemic, he would have a church built in honor of Saint Charles Borromeo, Archbishop of Milan and healer of the sick in the epidemic of 1576.

On the outside, the two columns with spiral reliefs that show periods of the life of Saint Charles of Borromeo. The left column represents constancy; the right, the value. Above the portico there are reliefs that describe the sufferings of the city during the plague of 1713. The statue of the Patron Saint crowns this work.

Inside there are carvings and altarpieces made by artists of the time. The dome in which you can see «The apotheosis of Saint Charles Borromeo«, A fresco painted by Johann Michael Rottmayr. It represents the intercession of Carlos Borromeo with the support of the Virgin Mary. The main altar presents a relief with Saint Charles on a cloud, ascending to the heavens.

The price of admission is 6 euros. Retirees and students pay 4 euros. Children under 10 do not pay. If you go in a group of more than six, you pay 5 euros per person. The church opens its doors to visitors from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00. On Sundays and holidays it closes at 17:45 pm. Last entry is at 17:30.

The Church is located in the southern part of the Karlplatz district. To get there, it is best to go on the metro (U-Bahn) on lines U1, U2 and U4 to Karlsplatz / Oper station.

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