What better way than to see a city from above. The service of Monorail gives you the opportunity to know the main attractions of Sidney from on high. For tourists it is a great experience because it goes through neighborhoods like Chinatown, Spanish Quarter, and main avenues of the city. Also stops in the main tourist areas.

Sydney monorail

It is a way Quick and comfortable to travel, it has departures every 3 or 5 minutes, for residents it is a much faster route since the avenues They are always congested, which is why the monorail offers a business class and special promotions.

circular quay sydney

It is definitely a Sydney icon that allows you to explore the city in a fun way. Live the experience of shopping at Victoria Galleries, or in the Pitt Street Mall, be amazed with the Sydney Tower or spend a few hours in the Powerhouse Museums and the National Navy. This service works every day of the year, except at Christmas. From Monday to Saturday from seven in the morning to ten at night, on Sundays from eight in the morning to ten at night. The rate is 4 US dollars but you can check offers and promotions at: http://www.metrotransport.com.au/index.php/monorail/ticket-types.html

sydney transportation

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