La Sydney Opera is located in the city of Sidney, in the district Central Business District, in the state New South Wales en Australia. It is also known as Sydney Opera House.

This building was designed by the architect Jorn Utzon. Its inauguration took place in 1973 and was attended by the Queen isabel II.

It is administered by the Opera House Trust, which is a body under the command of the state Ministry of Art. It is home to the Opera Australia, the Sydney Theater Company and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Sydney Opera House in Australia

It is an expressionist building with a very innovative design. It is made up of a kind of prefabricated shells that form the vaults of the structure. This type of shell shape was chosen to lighten the weight of the construction, whose bases are supported by 580 pillars 25 meters deep below sea level.

The largest vaults belong to the roofs of the Concert Hall and the Opera House.

Rooftops have more than a million glossy and cream tiles made to be self-cleaning, although some of them are regularly maintained and replaced.

The entire interior of the building has been constructed of pink granite, wood, and plywood.

At the Sydney Opera House, there are 800 rooms where many cultural events such as plays, opera, musical productions and ballet performances take place.

In order to get to the building there are several access routes such as Circular Quay Station, bus lines or the ferry.

The Sydney Opera House has theaters, restaurants, six bars, two main halls, and several souvenir shops.

Sydney Opera

The theaters are:

The Concert Hall, which contains the largest mechanical organ in the world.

The Opera House, used by the Australian Opera and the Australian Ballet Company.

The Theater for Drama, the Music Room and the Studio Theater.

The Sydney Opera House also hosts other events such as weddings and conferences.

Visit the website of the Sydney Opera , you will find information about upcoming events and you can buy your tickets online.

It opens from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. Admission is 15 euros for adults, for children under 16, Australian students and seniors it is 10 euros.

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