In order to feed themselves they have always had to hunt animals, both on land and in the sea, or collect seeds and plants to eat. Those who fished were called Selknam.
They also made their own houses, transport, clothes, among other things. They learned to polish the stone with what they managed to make utensils.

They all lived in two divisions, they were separated by groups of men and women and children.
They also formed their own calendar where the year starts every June 24It also has dates to celebrate its festivities during the year.

About his religion, they believe in God with the name of Ngueneches and to evil as Hualicho.
As a main custom, the aborigines transmitted all their teachings and so on, through the stories on their own Mapuche language.

El tremble It was a small stick, which was worn by teenagers on their lower lip as a symbol against evil.
When they had to communicate with other Aboriginal groups that were relatively far from them, they did so through smoke signals, of which the yamanas.
Currently the customs and traditions that are preserved are the making of clothes, handicrafts and fabrics.

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