El ANZ Stadium is in the Sydney Olympic Park, Australia. In the Homebush district, New south wales.

It is a stadium where a variety of sports are played and it was also the venue for the closing and opening of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

The stadium was inaugurated in 1999 under the name of Australia Stadium. Its construction cost reached 690 million australian dollars. In 2002 it was acquired by Telstra Corporation which called it Telstra Stadium.

ANZ Stadium

It was built to accommodate 110 thousand spectators, but in 2003 awnings were installed in the north and south wings, as well as seats, which reduced its capacity to 83 thousand seats.

Due to modifications it is now the second longest stadium after Melbourne Cricket Ground.
It is now called the ANZ State because of naming rights. Although it is better known by the simple name of Olympic Stadium.

Match at the Olympic Stadium

It is a sustainable construction, which means that the protection of the environment was taken into account for its construction. For example, very little steel was used in the roof structure.

The Olympic Stadium has also hosted other major sporting events, such as the Rugby World Cup Final in 2003 and the annual Grand Final of the National Rugby League.

Night view of ANZ Stadium

Teams from the National Rugby League, the International Rugby Union and Australian football teams have competed at the Olympic Stadium.

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