Bora Bora is an island paradise located in French Polynesia, in the South Pacific. Its climate is tropical maritime and has two main seasons: dry and wet. In this article, we tell you about the weather at each time of the year and when it is best to visit the island.

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Climate in Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Wet season

As Bora Bora is in the southern hemisphere, Summer occurs between the months of November and April, a time that coincides with the wet season. It is the season with the highest temperatures, reaching over 30 ºC. The hottest months are February and March.

However, summer is the low season for tourism, as rains and storms are frequent. These occur abruptly and are intense, although they do not last long. Due to this, the number of mosquitoes increases, so it is recommended to bring repellent.

If you travel during the wet season you will see that the price of resorts and tourist services is lower than during the rest of the year, and you will not find the beaches full of tourists.

Dry season

We find the dry season and winter between May and October. In this, the temperatures are somewhat lower, although they continue to be between 23 and 30 ºC.

Likewise, the rains are less frequent, although they can occur on some days. These characteristics make it the high tourist season and, therefore, the price of the holiday offer rises.

During these months there are also some parties on the island, so, in addition to enjoying the beach, you can learn more about the culture of its inhabitants. Although the sea temperature remains at around 27ºC throughout the year, this time is the perfect time for bathing and diving.

Annual temperature and rainfall

If we take into account all the aforementioned aspects, the best time To travel to Bora Bora are the months of November and April, since the influx of tourists is less, the prices are lower and they are not the hardest months of the summer, so despite having rains, there are many days with good weather.

In the following table you can see the average minimum and maximum temperature during each month of the year, as well as the average rainfall that there is each month:

Month of the yearMinimum temperatureMaximum temperaturePrecipitation
January25 ° C30 ° C269 mm
February25 ° C31 ° C233 mm
March26 ° C31 ° C177 mm
April26 ° C30 ° C183 mm
May25 ° C30 ° C130 mm
June23 ° C28 ° C98 mm
July24 ° C28 ° C83 mm
August24 ° C28 ° C60 mm
September24 ° C29 ° C66 mm
October24 ° C29 ° C100 mm
November25 ° C29 ° C204 mm
December25 ° C30 ° C281 mm

As we can see, the rainiest month is December, while the driest is August. Likewise, the lowest temperatures occur between June and August, and the highest between December and March.

As to windIt is present all year round and is usually more abundant in the afternoon. Although it is not strong, it is more intense during the rainy season. However, there is usually no risk of dangerous hurricanes.

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