It is called that because it is the studio where the artist worked and lived. Brett whiteley. The study is in Inner East en Sidney, Australia.

Brett whiteley (1939-1992) was a well-known Australian artist. Fifteen years after his death, people continue to remember him for his excellent ability and artistic level.

Brett whiteley

In this place you can see the personal objects and unfinished paintings of the artist. The arrangement of these objects gives the appearance of having remained intact since Whiteley's death in 1992.

In this place you will be able to see his books, photographs, his sketchbooks, the tools with which he made his works, his unfinished paintings, a wall with graffiti, with various quotes and drawings.

Door to Brett Whiteley's Study

You will also see his music collection, his books. There is a gallery where the artist's works, in painting, drawing and sculpture that belong to the private collection of the Whiteley family and other collections are exhibited. The exhibition changes from time to time.

Admission to Brett Whiteley's studio is free. The studio opens its doors every weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00.

Brett Whiteley Study

The studio is located at: 2, Raper Street, Surry Hills. The telephone number is: +61 (0) 2 9225 1881. You can get there using the Central train station.

You can visit his Web page, where you will find photographs of his works and information about the artist.

Inside the studio there is a place to buy posters, postcards and other types of souvenirs. The studio does not have a café, but outside it there are numerous restaurants.

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