How much money do I need to go to London? The answer to this frequently asked question is that it depends on the days we are going to be there. Accommodation, food, transport and visits to the different tourist attractions are aspects to take into account when deciding how much money to take to London.

Below you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with in this article.

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How much money to bring to London according to the duration of the trip

Visit London in 3 days

Even if you go to visit London in 2 days, if you don't want to spend a lot of money, the most recommended thing and what most tourists do is travel in a low cost flight. Based on this, it is recommended to prepare a budget to travel to London.

And when is it cheaper to travel to London? With airlines like Ryanair o easyJet. as low season (between the beginning of October and the end of November) we can get flights that range between € 30-50 round trip.

Many are the people who decide to make an express visit to the British capital and buy a Cheap flight back and forth for only one weekend. It's a good way to start saving in London.

It is a fairly recurring option, but we must be aware that, to take advantage of the trip, we will have to make more visits, which means moving more by public transport and paying more tickets to tourist attractions. Let's see what should be taken into account if our stay is short:

Food and accommodation

For a short stay, if you are looking for something cheap, you can always opt for a B&B (Bed & Breakfast), considered the most recommended option for short stays, with an average price of about € 19 per night.

As for how much food costs in London, with an average of € 10 a day we can eat in London in a restaurant considered cheap or even buy something to go. For example, a sandwich to go will cost around £ 3, a bottle of water £ 1, a coffee or tea between £ 1,20-2. The price of a beer in London is between £ 2,50-3 and a glass of wine between £ 3-3,50.

Shipping cost

For stays of less than 3 days, it is best to purchase a pay-per-use Oyster Card (pay as you go), whose daily limit for zones 1-2 is £ 6,40. Here is an idea of ​​how much a trip to London costs for short stays.

What to see

Two or three days is not a long time, but you can make the most of it. We recommend that you start the route by visiting Big Ben and the British Parliament, whose price for adults is £ 14 and for children between 5 and 15 years old, its price is £ 6,00.

Second, Westminster Abbey cannot be missed on our visit. Adult admission is £ 18; for students and over 60s, £ 15; for children between 11 and 18 years £ 8. Your visit is free for children under 11 and with the London Pass.

The Tower of London is also a highly recommended stop for all tourists and admission is £ 21,45 for adults. Finally, the British Museum, whose entrance is free, cannot be missing on our route either. Neighborhoods like Soho and Camden Town are also a very good option to walk around and not spend too much money.

In total, for about € 200 / person We can survive in London for a weekend, staying in modest places, no frills and visiting the tourist attractions we have mentioned. This price corresponds to the average cost of an adult.

Visit London in 5 days or more

If we have enough time and we prefer to opt for a quieter trip in which 1 or 2 attractions are visited per day, then the most advisable thing is to spend a week there, although perhaps with only 4 days in London we can also have a very full.

Food and accommodation

Again, you can choose to stay in a B&B. However, if for the duration of your stay you prefer more comfort and you opt for a hostel or a hotel, the most affordable are in the areas of Kensington, Bayswater, Paddington and Bloomsbury.

It is possible to sleep cheaply in London if you find a mid-range hotel in these areas: Bayswater, Earl's Court and Victoria-Pimlico. Here the facilities are usually very well maintained. Within this range (lower-middle category), London prices range from £ 50 to £ 150 per night.

For a stay of more than between four days and a week, although we can continue to use take away food for some days (in English, takeaway) Someday we will need to have lunch or dinner in a restaurant, although we can also resort to a pub for dinner, which will always be more affordable and will make our trip to London cheap.

Shipping cost

A highly recommended option is to obtain the card London Pass, which gives free access to a wide range of tourist attractions and avoids uncomfortable queues to enter the different points of interest.

There is the possibility of adding the Oyster Travelcard, so that the same card is used to access the main tourist attractions and at the same time move around the city by metro or bus.

For stays of more than 4 days and, especially, if your stay is going to be one week, we also advise you to acquire the card Travelcard 7 days. Even if your stay is 4-6 days, the price will be cheaper than if you pay the tickets for each day separately.

With this card you can make unlimited use of public transport in the city during the 7 days allowed. Its price increases as more areas it covers. For zones 1-2, its price for an adult is £ 30,40 and for ages 11-15 its cost is £ 15,20.

What to see

We can start our tour of the South Bank area, where attractions as prominent as the ones we suggest below are located:

  • London Eye (Adults: £ 19,20)
  • SEA LIFE London Aquarium (Adult box office price: £ 26,50, online £ 23,85)
  • London Dungeon (£ 22,00)
  • Tate Modern (free admission)
  • Shakespeare's Globe Theater (Adults: £ 13,50)

Of course, you cannot miss a visit to the places mentioned in the previous section: Big Ben, British Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London ... Other areas such as Notting Hill, Chinatown, Soho, Piccadilly, Hyde Park, Camden Town, Regent's Park or Trafalgar Square, among others, are also a must-see.

Taking all this into account, we can say that the average expenditure for a week in London depends on the tourist places we visit for which we have to pay entrance, the accommodation we choose and the restaurants we go to, but we have calculated a price from around £ 30-50 a day, for a total of about € 400 / person for a 7 day stay.

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