The airline Ryanair has specific regulations regarding the characteristics that checked baggage must have. The check-in desk usually opens 2 hours before flight departure and closes 40 minutes before. In addition, in order to check in your luggage you will have to show your boarding pass along with your ID or passport.

main requirements

Below we list the main limitations imposed in relation to checked baggage:

  • In addition to the two permitted pieces of hand luggage, Ryanair allows you to check in one suitcase. The cost varies depending on whether we check in 15 or 20 kg, or if the flight leaves in high season or low season. For more information about the dimensions, weight and other characteristics of hand luggage, you can consult the article Hand luggage on Ryanair.
  • The following period is considered high season: from December 21 to January 04, from March 28 to April 13 and from June 1 to September 30.
  • The following periods are considered low season: from October 1 to December 20, from January 5 to March 27 and from April 14 to May 31.

maximum weight allowed

Ryanair allows the check-in of a maximum of two bags per passenger. During the ticket purchase, the passenger is only allowed to check in a 15 or 20 kg suitcase. Ryanair offers a discount code to those customers who check in their baggage online.

Once the ticket has been purchased, then we can check in a second suitcase, which may weigh a maximum of 15 kg. We can carry out this action from the purchase of our ticket and up to 2 hours before the flight departure.

Additionally, fees for checked baggage are charged per person per way. Checked baggage must incorporate the name of the person to which it corresponds or any other type of means to be able to identify it.

If when checking in, our luggage exceeds the weight limit imposed by the company, we will have to pay an extra fee for each extra kilo. This surcharge is £ 10 / € 10 for each extra kilo.

In addition, Ryanair allows the billing of the equipment for people with reduced mobility for free. It is also allowed to check in sports equipment or musical instruments with a maximum of 20 kg per object, paying a surcharge of £ 50 / € 50 per object and journey.

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