In Switzerland we find some of the most charming towns and cities in all of Europe. In this article, you will find a list of the most beautiful municipalities in the country, with impressive images, ordered from least to greatest beauty. In addition, we give you interesting data, such as the existing population in each of them. What is the most beautiful city in Switzerland?

15. Lugano

Lugano is located in the south, near Italy, next to the lake that bears the same name. In this municipality of 63.700 inhabitants, the parks and gardens stand out, as well as the pedestrianized old town.


Montreux is a city where 26.200 people live. The most famous event organized in this town is the Montreux Jazz Festival. Here Freddie Mercury lived during his last years of life.

13. Vevy

Vevey is such an idyllic place that Charles Chaplin himself chose it to spend the last 25 years of his life there. Currently, around 19.200 people live here.

12. Oberhofen am Thunersee

In Oberhofen am Thunersee is the headquarters of the International Ski Federation. What most attracts the attention of tourists is the impressive 2.400th century medieval castle. This population has XNUMX inhabitants.

11. St. Moritz

The 5.000 inhabitants of St. Moritz have seen important world ski championships pass through their town, including the Winter Olympics. This is due to its fantastic location in the Alps. Therefore, here you will enjoy imposing snowy landscapes.

10. Morcote

Morcote is a small town located in the canton of Ticino, near the border with Italy. For this reason, its 730 inhabitants communicate in Italian. On the shore of Lake Lugano you can see beautiful buildings from the Middle Ages.

9. Wenge

Wengen is located in the commune of Lauterbrunnen, which has a total of 72 Cataracts. This city of 2.500 inhabitants does not reach the road, so it can only be accessed by rack railway, a type of railway that is attached to the track thanks to a third toothed rail.

8. Stein am Rhein

Stein am Rhein, where only 550 people live, is located next to Lake Constance, in the north of the country. Here is a church built by the Romans in the XNUMXrd century.

7. Ascona

Ascona is the area of ​​Switzerland that is at the lowest altitude, since it is located at 196 meters above sea level. In this town of 5.400 inhabitants, we find impressive historical buildings dating from the XNUMXth century.


Zermatt is located in the canton of Valais, in Visp, and has around 5.800 inhabitants. In this beautiful Alpine town vehicles that use fuel are prohibited; You can only circulate with electric cars.

5. Lucerne

Most tourists who decide to visit the beautiful town of Lucerne visit the Glacier Garden or glacier garden, a park that sits on an ancient glacier full of fossils. This municipality has 81.300 inhabitants.

4 Geneva

In Geneva we find the Cathedral of Saint Peter and the International Monument of the Reformation, among other works of great interest. This city is located in the extreme western part of Switzerland and 194.600 people live there.

3 Zurich

Zurich is the population with the largest number of inhabitants in the country, with around 390.500 people. In addition, the largest airport in the territory is located here. Within its cultural offer, the Museum of Fine Arts stands out.

2. Freiburg

A total of 38.500 people live in Freiburg. In this interesting enclave, its old town stands out, known as Lowertown, which is surrounded by the Saane or Sarine river. It is a bilingual city, as both German and French are spoken there.

1. Bern

Bern is the capital of Switzerland. Its old town, of medieval origin, is the center with the greatest tourist activity and is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In addition, it has multiple options for visitors, since it has numerous shops, restaurants, museums, etc. It is not the most populated city, as it has 138.000 inhabitants. In this video you can see its beauty:

Thanks to its attractions, it is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in Switzerland. Do you agree or do you think there is one with more charm?

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