Insular America, also known as the Antilles o Caribbean Islands, is an immense archipelago in the shape of a crescent that is located in the central part of Central America. Insular America has limits that make a kind of union between North America and South America, being a privileged space that contains part of both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic.

This archipelago is officially divided into three territories: Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles, and Bahamas. Among these areas are the islands and countries most representative of what is commonly known as Caribbean, land of paradisiacal beaches, perfect weather and Latin music. In this article, we will tell you about the countries in each area and we will indicate their capitals.

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The countries of Insular America and their capitals

greater Antilles

In the Greater Antilles we find four independent countries. In this table you can see them arranged in alphabetical order and with their capital:

HaitiPrince Port
Dominican RepublicSanto Domingo

In the vast majority of the countries that make up the Greater Antilles, Spanish is spoken, in addition to English as a commercial language. However, in Haiti the predominant languages ​​are French and Haitian Creole.

Puerto Rico it is also located in the Greater Antilles. However, it is not considered a country, since, although it has self-government, it is an American zone. However, it is an unincorporated territory, so it is neither part of the country nor an independent state.

Dominican Republic and Haiti are on the same island, known as The Spanish. Likewise, we also find the Isle of Youth, which belongs to Cuba.

The total population of the Greater Antilles is around 38 million. The most populous country is Cuba, as it has 11,2 million inhabitants. In this map you can see the distribution of each island:

Lesser Antilles

On the other hand, the Lesser Antilles are made up of eight countries:

Antigua and BarbudaSaint John's
GrenadaSaint George
Saint Kitts and NevisBasseterre
San Vicente y las GrenadinesKingstown
Santa LucíaCastries
Trinidad and TobagoPort of spain

In all these states the official language is English. There are a total of 1,9 million inhabitants and the most populous country is Trinidad and Tobago, which has a million.

There are also territories of the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, the United States and Venezuela, so in some parts French, Spanish or dutch.


The Bahamas is a country that is made up of a set of more than seven hundred islands, of which only 24 are populated. Its official name is Commonwealth of the Bahamas and its capital is Nassau.

The whole of the Bahamas is governed by a constitutional monarchy and the highest authority is the British monarch, since it is part of the Commonwealth or Commonwealth of Nations (until 1973, it was a dependent territory of the United Kingdom). Therefore, the largest representative of the Bahamas is the Queen isabel II.

The official language of the Bahamas is English and the population stands at around 400.000. The country is divided into a central district (New Providence) and 32 local districts.

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