Although the fondue is typical of the Swiss gastronomyIt is also in France - one of the countries with which Switzerland shares a border - where it has reached popularity, being considered one of the typical dishes of the region. gastronomy of France.

There are many ways to prepare the fondue, and, it is together with the Raclette, two dishes that are prepared based on cheese and that are popular throughout the Franco-Swiss territory and in much of the planet.

Basically, the classic fondue It is salty and it is made with cheese. You need a saucepan for fondue (also known as caquelón), a support and the adjustable burner or rechaud. The original recipe indicates that we must crush a clove of garlic and pass it through the saucepan to later add two hundred milliliters of white wine and three small tablespoons of corn flour; When this mixture begins to thicken, we must add at least two types of cheese.

For a quantity of wine as indicated, it is recommended to add about four hundred grams of each type of cheese, the most widely used being Friborg vacherin and grated Gruyère.

Once a solid mass is obtained, it is kept in the saucepan over low heat and skewers that may contain pieces of meat, bread, vegetables, and others, are dipped into the cheese.

To taste the sweet version of this typical dish of French-Swiss gastronomy, we just have to do the Chocolate Fondue and put to prick pieces of fruit - the use of strawberries, peaches, mango, as well as the use of biscuits and cookies stands out.

Currently, the Fondue recipe has been adapted to the gastronomy of different countries, on all those of the Asian continent, and the following variants have emerged: Vietnamese fondue, where beef and prawns previously cooked in vegetable broth are used; Chinese fondue, where pieces of seafood, meat and vegetables are submerged, the same ones that instead of being submerged in cheese are submerged in a special broth made with shellfish; Fondue bacchus, where pieces of meat that have previously been cooked in wine are submerged; and, Bressane fondue, where the protagonists are the pieces of chicken breaded and fried in oil.

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