The flag is a symbol that serves to identify a country or territory and, therefore, it is one of the most important figures in each State. All over the world we can find an important number that has one or more stars, an image that makes them special. Do you know which country has the flag with the most stars?

In this article we show you 20 flags ordered from lowest to highest by the number of stars they have. Which of the following do you like the most?

20 Israel

In the flag of Israel we can see in the center the David's star, one of the main Jewish symbols. The white color and the blue stripes represent the Jewish prayer shawl.

19 Morocco

The flag of Morocco stands out for its red background, which refers to the descendants of Muhammad, while the green five-pointed star symbolizes the seal of Solomon.

18 Vietnam

Red is the color of socialism and, therefore, it is present in the flag of Vietnam. In the center of this symbol we can see a yellow star.

17. Ghana

The flag of Ghana is tricolor and its star is black, since black, red, yellow and green are the colors of the Pan-Africanism, the movement that advocates the union of Africa.

16. Cuba

The white flag with the red star of Cuba is loaded with symbolism. For example, the three blue stripes represent the three old military departments that the Cuban colony had in the XNUMXth century. On the other hand, the two white stripes make mention of the purity of the Cubans.

15. Chile

Although during the independence process the Chilean flag had three stars, in the current model we can only see one. This symbol represents the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the country.

14. North Korea

Within the flag of North Korea is present the white color, which is traditional in the State and symbolizes the pure ideals of the country. Also, red refers to the patriotic spirit of the first revolutionaries.

13. Turkey

An example of a flag with a crescent and a star is that of Turkey, which has been present since 1876 and is similar to the one that the Ottoman Empire had during its history. For this reason, it is difficult to determine the exact origin of this representation.

12. Tunisia

The flag of Tunisia it is easily confused with that of Turkey. However, in Tunisia the symbol of the moon and the star is located in the center, and not on the side.

11. Panamá

One of the countries that has two stars on its flag is Panama, whose large blue and red stars symbolize the purity and strength of this State.

10 Syria

Although in the past the flag of Syria came to have three red stars, today it is made up of two green ones. The colors of this model are those of Pan-Arabism, which advocates the union of Arab peoples.

9. Sao Tome and Principe

The current flag of São Tomé and Príncipe has been in force since 1975. In the center of it we can see two black stars, which symbolize the two islands that make up the country.

8. Micronesia

The flag of Micronesia is relatively recent, having been made official in 1979. Its light blue color is reminiscent of the Pacific Ocean, while the four stars are the four groups of islands that make up the Federated States of Micronesia.

7. New Zealand

With four red stars we find the flag of New Zealand. As with those of Samoa, this group of stars refer to the constellation of the Southern Cross.

6. Comoros

Four stars are added to the moon of Islam on the Comoros flag, representing the four islands that make up the country. The four stripes also refer to these.

5. Samoa

The flag of Samoa has been in force since 1949. The five stars in the blue rectangle form a representation of the constellation of the Southern Cross, which we can observe in the sky.

4. China

As we can see from the picture, the five stars on the China flag are not the same size. The smallest four are the four social classes that Chinese Chairman Mao indicated existed, while the largest refers to the Communist Party.

3. Australia

The six stars of the flag of Australia they have seven points. Six of them symbolize the six States in which the country is organized, while the seventh was created by the territories that could be Australian in the future.

As for the flag of the United Kingdom that appears on the left side, it remains due to the British influence in this country and its membership of the Commonwealth of Nations or Commonwealth, whose highest representative is the Queen Elizabeth II of England.

2. European Union

Although it is not the flag of a country, the symbol of the European Union is characteristic for the twelve yellow or gold stars that form a circle. This number was chosen because it is the figure of the perfection. You can learn more about this organism in the following article: The Schengen area and the Member States of the European Union.

1 U.S

The flag of the United States is one of the best known in the world and the one with the most stars. The thirteen bars are the colonies that initially became independent from the United Kingdom, while the fifty stars are the states that make up the current country.

With this video you will be able to know its fascinating history and how its design has varied over the years since its creation in 1777:

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