When we book a flight with the airline Vueling, doubts may arise about the carry-on bag. Therefore, we explain the rules, requirements and restrictions of hand luggage with this company. Likewise, we inform you of the prohibited objects on board.

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Hand luggage at Vueling: liquids, measurements and maximum weight

Lumps in the cabin

Vueling allows your passengers to carry a total of two packages in the aircraft cabin. However, they must comply with the maximum stipulated measurements and weight.

Whether you have hired the Basic rate (the lowest price) or one with a higher budget, you have the right to carry these two suitcases for free.


Hand luggage is considered a suitcase or bag that has a maximum size of 55x40x20 centimeters. Keep in mind that when a suitcase is full, it tends to increase in volume and, in addition, the wheels and handles also take up space.

However, it is common to find meters at the airport where you can check if your luggage meets the dimensions established by this airline.

In the case of the second package that is allowed to be carried on board, Vueling indicates that it must be much smaller than the measurements of the carry-on bag, so small backpacks (such as those manufactured by Quechua), a purse, a laptop or a camera are allowed.

Maximum weight

As for the weight allowed, the suitcase must weigh a maximum of 10 kilos. The second piece, being small, it is understood that its weight will be reasonable.

Si you exceed the weight or measure limit, the airline may force you to check the suitcase and pay an extra cost of € 35. Likewise, it is possible that, despite having the appropriate measures, the staff decides to keep some luggage in the hold due to the occupation of the plane. In this case, there would be no additional cost.

The airline insists that the rules are strictly adhered to. However, sometimes they do not do a comprehensive check on weight and time saving measures.

If you want to carry more weight in the suitcase without having to check it in, a trick is to control the Excellence rate, since the limit increases to 14 kg. In addition, Vueling ensures that in that case it will travel in the cabin.

Babies and children

In the case of Babies up to two years old, they do not have a ticket or their own seat, therefore, they cannot carry hand luggage either. However, they allow you to check in for free two more pieces, such as a crib and a stroller.

As for children between two and twelve years old, they must buy a ticket and they will have their seat, so they have the right to carry two pieces like the rest of the passengers.

Transport of liquids

For security reasons, the liquids that you transport in your hand luggage must be in containers of a maximum quantity of 100 ml. In addition, they cannot exceed one liter (which is equivalent to ten 100 ml containers).

You must show them at the security control and they must be carried in an airtight and transparent bag. If you do not have bags of this type, you can buy them at the airport, as they usually provide them for free at the control.

Creams and gels are also considered liquids, so if you wear makeup made with these substances, you should also introduce it in it. The rest can go in your toiletry bag.

In the image on the left we see examples of containers that cannot be carried in hand luggage due to their size. On the right, it is shown how liquids should be handled:

If you go with a baby, you are allowed to enter the plane with the food that he needs, even porridge. The containers may exceed 100 ml and do not need to be sealed.

Once you have passed the security control, you can buy drinks and liquid substances in the shops inside the airport. At the time of acquiring it, they must give you an accreditation that indicates that it belongs to that business.

Other objects

We must take into account what can be put in the carry-on bag. For example, in the case of food, there are no restrictions. However, food of animal origin cannot be transported to the European Union from a country that does not belong to this territory.

Sharp objects such as razors and scissors larger than six centimeters are not allowed. In the case of razor blades, you can transport those that are disposable and carry the encapsulated sheet.

Medicines, within the European Union, are allowed and must be accompanied by a prescription or medical prescription. You can have a liquid medicine if you need to take it during the trip, but justification is recommended.

You can carry a musical instrument as hand luggage as long as it does not exceed the stipulated measures. If this is the case, you can check it in as special luggage or purchase an additional seat, when it is a large instrument such as the guitar.

You can also take a suit bag. But if you also want to transport a suitcase, you must check in the latter. Appliances such as the dryer are allowed.

Some objects depend on security control. For example, you don't usually have problems with umbrellas. On the other hand, although they usually allow the entry of tripods, there is no general rule for them. It will depend on the opinion and criteria of the security personnel.

As for tobacco, it varies according to the country of destination. In the case of Spain, there is no limit to transport, as long as it is for personal use. If the quantity of 200 cigarettes is exceeded, they must be declared at customs control.

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