The most practical and comfortable way to get to Sidney es By plane. The entrance gate is your international airport, the official name is Kingsford Smith Airport from Sydney and is the largest in the entire country. It is located ten kilometers to the south, the journey takes thirty minutes to the center of the city. We recommend not taking a taxi to leave the airport because it can be very expensive, if you go alone it is better to take the bus or train.

flight sydney

El bus 400 is the one that provides the service from the airport to the city, provides transfers every 20 or XNUMX minutes, depending on the routine of the day. The parade of the bus is located at the exit of the terminals. For this service it is better that you book your ticket by phone or online.

Sydney airport

There is also a train called the CityRail Airport Link, which operates to and from the airport. Trains run every ten minutes and the journey takes another ten minutes. Tickets for this service are sold at ATMs or on the avenue Eddy, from six in the morning to ten at night. If you buy your tickets for a round trip they can have a total cost of 17 australian dollars, both.

sydney airport

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