Below is a list with the names and the link to the website of the most important airlines in Europe and America for cheap flights, usually called low cost o charter flights. However, knowing how to choose the most popular or the most sought-after agencies is a challenge.

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List of companies offering cheap flights in Europe and America

Airlines in Europe


  • Vueling Airlines is a Spanish airline, whose base is located in El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona (Spain). Vueling is the Spanish company with the largest number of destinations, surpassed only in Europe by the Irish Ryanair. It started its activity in 2006 and in 2009 it merged with Clickair, although it is currently in the hands of Iberia and British Airways, and it also operates traditional flights, not just low cost. Although its headquarters are in Barcelona, It also has in other areas of Spain, such as Alicante, Gran Canaria, Madrid,Valencia, Sevilla, etc., and in other European countries such as Florence, Roma y Paris-Orly, among others. Among its top destinations we can highlight: Paris, Roma, Bucharest, Ibiza, Florence, PragueBilbao, London and Copenhagen.
  • Iberia Express is a secondary airline of the Spanish Iberia that began in 2012 with headquarters at the airport of Madrid-Barajas (Spain). Among the top international destinations of Iberia Express, we highlight: Berlin, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Copenhagen, Athens, Dublin, Naples, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, London and Paris. Within Spain, it operates flights to Asturias, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Madrid, Malaga, Santiago de Compostela and Tenerife, among others.

United Kingdom

  • Jet2 is a low cost airline based at Leeds-Bradford Airport, England, which operates flights since 2002, although its first flight was made in 2003 to Amsterdam (Netherlands). The company also owns a subdivision since 2007 called Jet2Holidays, which operates flights only during the holiday season, such as summer, and offers travel packages that may include taxi transportation from the airport and accommodation at the destination. Jet2 currently flies from Leeds-Bradford, Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Blackpool and the East Midlands to European destinations, including Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Ibiza, Menorca, Lanzarote, Tererife, Palma, etc.
  • the easy family of brands. is based in the London Luton airport, although the main airport where it operates flights is London-Gatwick. It offers routes through Europe and also to some airports in Asia and North Africa. the easy family of brands. Belongs to the European Low Fares Airline Association (ELFAA) (in Spanish, Association of European Low Cost Airlines). Among the destinations it offers to Asia and North Africa are: Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Jordan and Turkey. In Europe, it includes a wide range of destinations, the most common being Edinburgh, Milan, Geneva, Berlin and Belfast.
  • Flybe is a company that operates mainly domestic flights within the United Kingdom and its base is at Exeter International Airport, England. It started its activity in 1979 under the name European Airways Jersey and was renamed Flybe from the year 2000. Its national destinations within the UK include Aberdeen, Bristol, Birmingham, Berlfast, Exeter, Glasgow, Isle of Man, Liverpool, London (Gatwick and Luton airports), Manchester, Newcastle , etc. Its top international destinations include Spain, Italy, Germany and France, among others.


  • blu express It is based at the Leonardo da Vinci Intercontinental Airport in Rome and connects mainly to the Malpensa International Airport in Milan. This airline offers flights to France (Nice, Grenoble and Lyon), Austria (Vienna) and Germany (Munich).
  • Meridiana Fly is an Italian airline that offers charter flights, whose headquarters are located in Olbia, Italy. It has connections with the airports of Catania-Fontanarossa and Verona. This company was born fifty-two years ago with the aim of promoting tourism in Sardinia, although, given its success, in 1991 it began to offer international flights to Barcelona, ​​Paris, London and Frankfurt. Currently, it offers flights to America (USA and Brazil), Asia (Israel and Maldives) and Africa (Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Senegal and Seychelles). Within Europe, it offers a wide range of domestic flights within Italy and, in the rest of Europe, its main destinations are in Germany, Spain, France, Moldova and the United Kingdom.


  • Ryanair It is currently the most popular low cost airline in Europe, with more than a thousand routes within Europe and fifty-eight bases. Founded in 1985 and based at Dublin Airport, Ireland, its first route was to Waterford (London). Although its main routes are within Europe, Ryanair It also flies to Tangier, Marrakech, Agadir, Fez and Nador, in Morocco, Africa. From Madrid-Barajas Airport, Ryanair operates to Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Spain, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Morocco, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom and Romania.
  • Aer Lingus It is also based at Dublin Airport, Ireland, and currently flies to the United States, Morocco and Europe. Ryanair owns almost 30% of this airline and the rest is owned by the Irish government. Aer Lingus has been operating since 1936. Among its long-haul routes, there are American destinations such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, among others. Since 2009 it also flies to East Asia (Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore). In Europe, it offers routes to Rome, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Amsterdam, Genoa, etc.


  • Condor Flugdienst It offers flights within and outside of Europe and is based at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Condor is the most popular German low-cost airline. Outside of Europe, its main routes fly to Africa, North America, South America and Asia. In Europe, Condor flies to Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and France, among other destinations. In Germany, from the Berlin-Schoenefeld Airport we can fly to Spain, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey.
  • Germanwings It is based at Cologne / Bonn Airport in Germany. It offers flights to more than 1997 destinations within Europe, but also to the Middle East and Africa. This airline was founded in 2002, although it was not until XNUMX when it began its activity. Germanwings is a secondary airline of the Lufthansa company. Among its regular flights are destinations such as Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Norway, Kosovo, UK, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Tunisia and Turkey.

Other low cost companies in Europe

  • flybaboo, also called Baboo, is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Besides charter flights, it also offers regular flights and special flights in the summer season. This company was founded in 2003 and has offered flights since that same year, when it made the first one to Lugano, Switzerland. Its top destinations are Athens, Barcelona, ​​Bergamo, Biarritz, Cannes, Florence, Ibiza, Kiev, Lugano, Marseille, Madrid, Prague, Rome, Saint Petersburg and Vienna.
  • Helvetic Airways It is also an airline of Swiss origin, based at Zurich Airport. It started its activity in 2001 under the name of Odette and it was renamed Helvetic in 2003. This airline offers flights only from Zurich or Bern to the following destinations: Cyprus, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Kosovo, Macedonia, United Kingdom and Tunisia.

Airlines in Latin America


  • Aeromexico Connect it is a subdivision of the airline Aeroméxico. Aeroméxico Connect mainly offers domestic flights within Mexico. Its headquarters are in Monterrey. Among its national destinations are Acapulco, Campeche, Cancun, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico City, Durango, Guadalajara, Hermosillo, La Paz, Manzanillo, Mérida, Querétaro, Tampico, Tijuana, Torreón, Veracruz and Villahermosa, among others. Outside of Mexico, this airline flies to the United States, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama, the latter included as of 2015.
  • Interjet is another Mexican airline whose headquarters are in Lomas de Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City. It began its activity in 2005 and, like Aeroméxico Connect, it mainly offers domestic flights in Mexico, although it also includes destinations outside the country, such as the United States, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica and Cuba.
  • Viva Aerobus, like Aeroméxico Connect, is based at the Monterrey Airport. It is a subsidiary airline of Ryanair that began its activity in 2006. Like the aforementioned airlines, Viva Aerobus operates mainly within Mexico, but also offers four US destinations: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Las Vegas.
  • Volaris It is headquartered in Santa Fe, Álvaro Obregón, Mexico City and started its activity in 2006. It offers a wide range of domestic flights and also some to the United States: Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sacramento, San Diego, Oakland , Orlando and Phoenix, among others.


  • Gol Transportes Aereos is a Brazilian airline with cheap flights whose headquarters are at Guarulhos International Airport, in Guarulhos, São Paulo. It mainly offers flights within Brazil, among which we mention some of the main destinations: Aracaju, Boa Vista, Brasilia, Campina Grande, Chapecó, Cruzeiro do Sul, Fortaleza, Goiânia, Porto Alegre, Porto Velho, Presidente Prudente, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador da Bahia, São Paulo, São Luis and Teresina. Among its international destinations are: USA, Aruba, Barbados, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.


  • easyfly was created in 2007 and is a Colombian low cost airline, thus being the first airline for charter flights in the country. Its base is located at El Dorado International Airport, Bogotá, Colombia. It mainly offers domestic flights within Colombia to the following destinations: Apartadó, Arauca, Barranquilla, Barrancabermeja, Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Cartagena, Cúcuta, Montería, Medellín, Neiva, Pereira, Quibdó, Valledupar and Yopal, although it plans to incorporate new destinations, such as Caucasia, Popayán or Puerto Asís.
  • Viva Colombia was founded in 2009 with the name Fast Colombia SAS. Since 2014, its headquarters are also located at the El Dorado International Airport, in Bogotá. Like EasyFly, its main destinations are within the country itself, but it also offers flights within Latin America to Ecuador, Panama and Peru.

United States Airlines

  • JetBlue Airways is based at John F. Kennedy International Airport, in Queens, New York. It is an American low-cost airline. It was founded in 1999 with the name New Air. Non-US destinations served by JetBlue Airways are: Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Central America, Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific and South America.
  • Sun Country Airlines It is based at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, in Hennepin County, Minnesota. This low cost airline offers routes within the United States (Anchorage, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Myers, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Palm Springs, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa and Washington DC) and also to Costa Rica (Liberia), Mexico (Cancun, Cozumel, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Manzanillo, Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta and San José del Cabo), Jamaica (Montego Bay), Puerto Rico (San Juan) and the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana).
  • Spirit Airlines is based in Miramar, Florida and began in 1980 under the name CharterOne. The vast majority of flights offered by this company are to the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Latin America. Spirit Airlines' top 10 destinations are: Florida, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York and South Carolina.

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