Gatwick is second largest airport in London. It is located in Crawley, 5 kilometers from the city center. This airport has a public use aerodrome license that allows it to operate flights for the transport of passengers or for flight instructors.

London gatwick

There are several means of transport that allow us to move from Gatwick airport to the city of London. It can be said that the leader in the sector is in Gatwick Express. It is a fast and comfortable option. They have a frequency of 15 minutes and it takes 30 to get to Victoria Station. Its price is about € 19.

London Gatwick north terminal

Another cheaper alternative is the First Capita TrainIt takes between 30 and 50 minutes and costs € 10 more or less. It has several stops before reaching the station.

A third option is the local train, it does the same route as the Gatwick Express. It takes about 15 more minutes to get to Victoria because it makes several stops. Its price is approximately € 12.

London Gatwick plane

As an alternative to trains we can opt for the bus, this means of transport is much cheaper. We have the National Express buss it costs about € 8 and the EasyBus bus which costs about € 3. Both take about 90 minutes to arrive, of course this duration is indicative since they totally depend on the traffic.

London Gatwick 1970

Gatwick airport interior.

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