Located in the Plaza de Oriente, in front of the Royal Palace, the Royal Theatre is the opera of Madrid. Operas, classical ballet and dance are performed there.

Royal Theater of Madrid

It opened its doors on October 10, 1850, precisely on the birthday of the Queen isabel II, his true promoter and genuine lover of music. The chosen work was La Favoritaby Donizetti, which in those years was the favorite of Madrid.

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In 1863, Verdi visited Madrid to direct rehearsals and attend in person the premiere of La Forza del Destino, which was performed with great success in Madrid three months before the world premiere in Saint Petersburg.

Stage of the Royal Theater of Madrid

The building has a hexagonal floor plan, with nine levels in height and six underground, and in total some 1760 capacity places. At present its stage has 1.430 square meters with 18 vertical movement platforms and four horizontal movement platforms, which allow it to have several sets mounted at the same time. Its technology is among the most modern in the world.

Royal Box of Royal Theater of Madrid

The luxurious details are palpable in every corner of the Royal Theater. The rooms that surround the main room, have a wealth worthy of royalty.
We can meet him in the guided tours offered in collaboration with Friends of the Opera of Madrid (AAOM).

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