All Royal Botanical Gardens They are conceived as a natural space, which serves as beauty, relaxation, peace and education. In these spaces you will learn more about plants and horticulture. Its location is very close to that of the Opera, the hillside where the 30 hectares of vegetation are located overlooks the port of Sydney.

royal botanic gardens sydney

If you want to arrive in train, the closest station is the Martin PlaceOthers that are also in the vicinity are St James and Circular Quay. If you go in ferryYou walk from Circular Quay, it is very easy to get there. To get there by bus, keep in mind that the bus that explores the city has this point as a stop, otherwise line 441 can drop you off at York Street or Town Hall on weekdays. And line 200 can get you up to Macquarie Street.

royal botanic gardens

This scientific institution It opened its doors in 1816 and is the oldest in Australia. Within the gardens there are very beautiful areas such as the Sydney Tropical Center and the Rose Garden, you will find some trains that walk through the most important points. The entry It is free and you can access its facilities every day of the week from seven in the morning until dark.

sydney royal botanic gardens

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