Scotland has a cuisine very similar to English, of course like each region, it has its own food. It is a very simple gastronomy, influenced by its inhabitants and foreigners, products such as dairy, meat, fish, fruits are used, it will be very difficult for you to find highly seasoned dishes, since they do not usually use many herbs or spices.

As in all cuisine, the Scots have traditional dishes, we will mention some so that you can prepare and know what they consist of.

Scotch brother, is the typical Scottish broth, made from barley, meat and vegetables.

Porridge, is an oatmeal porridge. Its origin dates back to the original inhabitants who always carried bags of oats to eat.

Haggis, considered as the typical Scottish dish, it is a type of black pudding, based on lamb meat or even deer, traditionally eaten at the Burns Dinner, which is celebrated on January 25.

Whisky, Scotland's best-known international drink, in the United States, is simply called "scotch", for England this term implies its Scottish origin. Its origin dates back to the XNUMXth and XNUMXth century when the monks carried the distillation process with them.

A few years ago, Scottish cuisine has been so modernized that several of its restaurants have become part of the Michelin Guide, as they are innovating their traditional elements with contemporary cuisine.

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