La April Fair de Sevilla it is, without a doubt, world famous. Born in 1847, its origins were commercial, such as the Cattle Fair and lasted three days.

Over time, the number of sellers and buyers of animals grew, and many traders came there to sell their products. Neighbors were attracted to what ended up being a social gathering and, finally, the party grew to what we know today with almost two weeks of fun.

April Fair Parade

It takes place two weeks after the eastern, next to the Barrio de los Remedios. And it is closely related to the bullfighting fair that takes place in the Real Maestranza with an important poster of bullfighters and ranches.

Stand of the Seville Fair

The surface area that houses it has a million square meters divided into three sectors: the Royal of the Fair, named for the support given by the Queen isabel II, where more than a thousand booths are installed. The Hell Street, where does the Theme park and a sector dedicated to parking with more than 20.000 spaces. The Real de la Feria has several streets with names and numbers organized for the booths. We leave you a link so you can see the fair map.

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Among the most impressive you will see is the "Alumbrao", moment of official inauguration, when the mayor lights the more than 22.000 light bulbs that little by little illuminate the great structure of the Portada. Then the Real is also lighting up until all the lanterns are lit. It is the most awaited moment, and the party explodes. The traditional food in the booths, that night is the "fried fish".

Flamenco dresses in Seville

During the day horses and decked out carriages take to the streets in an incessant parade of gypsy costumes. Dancing and singing are installed so as not to cease until the last day.

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