The Sydney Museum has been built on the ruins of the residence of the first Governor General of Australia, Governor Phillip. The place was built in 1780 and its ruins were discovered by archaeologists 200 years after its construction, in 1980.

The museum has been designed by one of Sydney's best known architects, Richard Johnson. The museum is a distinctive and interesting place in Australia. The museum contains objects from the colonial and contemporary times of the history of Sidney.

The objects it houses and photographs belong to more than 25 archaeological excavations. Currently you will be able to see videos, multimedia presentations and the use of technology in their facilities. After taking a tour of the museum, you will learn about the wonders and personality of this city, its port and the people.

Sydney Museum

On the esplanade of the museum you can see the remains of the residence of the First Government House. These have been named as the national heritage of Australia.

The Sydney Museum is visited daily by tourists and locals.

The museum is located at Bridge & Phillip Streets Circular Quay. Hours are Monday through Friday from 09:30 to 17:00. Closed on Christmas and Good Friday. The phone is: +61 2 9251 5988.

Photographs are not allowed in the Sydney Museum.

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