It may sound exaggerated, but pack a suitcase Effectively it is essential to have a good trip, therefore, within the colloquial, we will hear many times that packing a suitcase is an art. The first thing is to be clear about how many days the trip will last, what is the climate in our destination, in which way we will travel and what type of activities we are going to do. Having defined these four points, we must:

Select the type of suitcase. Soft suitcase if we go in our car and we do not carry things of much value and, rigid suitcase if we travel by airplanes and transport glass objects or delicate materials.

Choose the size of the suitcase. Small suitcase with wheels if it is a short trip such as a weekend, where pajamas, a pair of changes, one or two pairs of shoes, personal hygiene items, some accessories and electronic items are essential. Medium suitcase if we will travel a maximum of seven days and if our destination is a warm place where we will not need warm clothes. If the destination is a cold area, it is advisable to bring a separate backpack to have a scarf, hat, gloves and others on hand.

If our trip will be long, the use of large suitcases or two medium suitcases is recommended. If we are going to make connections, it is advisable to also have a small suitcase that can be used as hand luggage. In all cases it is good to have a backpack - empty or not - in our luggage in case we go on an excursion or a short trip to a town in our destination.

After choosing the suitcase size We now analyze the amount of clothing by destination and travel days. If you travel By plane do not forget to take into account the maximum weight of billing by company. Finding out the weather and the possibilities of rain in our destination is vital to define the clothes and accessories that we will wear. In addition, we must define if we will carry out adventure tourism or more tourism related to leisure.

For example, if our destination is the beach, it is advisable to have at least: one change of clothes per day of travel (including underwear and socks), have about two swimsuits per week, T-shirts and a pair of light dresses. For the night we can use a dress or combination to expand the possibilities when dressing. For shoes, it will be good to have sports shoes, walking shoes and sandals.

Another important point when packing are the toiletries. It will be better to carry small products such as creams, shaving foams, gels, and others in small cans.

When all these points are defined, we go to to pack per se. It is advisable to place at the bottom of the suitcase the garments that are not delicate and that can be well folded, on top those that require a little more care, and so on, until reaching the fine dresses. You will see that more clothes fit if you place them as stretched out as possible. The best way to do this is, in the case of a sweater or t-shirt, to fold it in half and place the sleeves straight and parallel to each other. You will save a lot of space and the clothes will wrinkle much less. In the gaps that are always around we can place shoes, underwear, garments that do not require care such as pajamas, socks, and accessories such as hair dryers, batteries, and others. Many times it is more comfortable and optimal to put all the clothes in one suitcase and the rest of the articles in another or in a backpack.

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