Passing through fertile reddish lands, long and thick yellow sunflower fields, green olive groves, we enjoy a whole rainbow of colors during the summer seasons on the road that passes along Sevilla and Córdoba until we reach the Guadalquivir Valley, where we will turn west until we reach the classic and historic Medina.

The Medina Azahara, or Madinat al-Zahra is a monument that certainly leaves any tourist breathless and astonished every time they visit it. With its triple arches that receive the visitor, where many believers have adopted the reference of being a door to walk among spirits.

The Medina Azahara, the capital of the Caliphate, which was ordered to be built by Abd al-Rahman the third in the 40th century, being very demanding in terms of details and minimal structures as we can well see, which according to historians, took him to build it no more than XNUMX years! but it lasted very little due to the fall of the great empire that it erected with pride, being forgotten under times of oblivion and earth ...

Medina Azahara - Archaeological Ensemble

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