Cheese lovers will not be uncommon to hear the name of Panela cheese, also called "Basket Cheese" because of the basket shape that is imprinted on the cheese after its conservation and also called "White Cheese" in some regions, since it is a very fresh and soft bed cheese.

For its production it is used properly pasteurized cow's milk, without maturation, hence its consistency has characteristics of the semi-drained curds from which it is extracted.

A good way to eat them is by joining it to a table of various appetizers, or as part of a spread of cheeses of various varieties.

This cheese stands out among the other types out there because it absorbs flavors easily and can be integrated into foods from various regions gracefully and effortlessly.

It is very light in flavor and to give it a texture on the palate it is usually seasoned with garlic and chili paste, especially in Mexican meals.

Its solid consistency does not take away from its high water content and its low amount of calories, so as a cheese it can be recommended for diets.

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