The pozole is a typical mexican dish which is based on a corn soup to which you can add pork or chicken. The main character of this soup is the cacahuacintle corn (although if we don't have the option to buy it, we can replace it with another type of corn).

Types of pozole

The pozole can vary according to the gastronomy of each locality where it is prepared, however, it is divided into two groups:

White pozole. Which is made with pork and served in deep plates so that each person can add vegetables and seasonings to their liking. The use of lettuce and onions as a complement is highlighted.

Pozole red or seasoned. They are seasoned with hot pepper and depending on the ingredients we use, their color will be red or green.

The pozole in both cases can be accompanied with cabbage, oregano, lemon juice, avocado, fresh cheese, chili powder, lettuce, and some spices and sauces that are to our liking. In addition, it is usually accompanied in a traditional way with the typical corn tortillas.

Prepare White Pozole

To prepare this typical Mexican dish we need: a kilo of corn, a kilo of pork leg in pieces, half a pig's head, a kilo of pork rib, a whole onion, garlic, pepper and salt. To prepare the accompaniment we must chop onion, romaine lettuce, radishes and have lemon and hot sauce.

The first thing will be to place the pork in a saucepan and add water, the whole onion, garlic and a little salt. We will let everything cook for an average of one hundred and twenty minutes over low heat and we will proceed to remove it from the heat. We remove the garlic and onion and add the corn, putting everything back on the fire for at least sixty minutes.

When the corn is well cooked, we remove the pieces of meat and serve them on the plates and then add the broth and corn. The white pozole can be accompanied with toasts and with the aforementioned ingredients.

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