For, travel to Morocco As in most African countries, we will not have to obligatorily apply a series of vaccines, although there are some that are recommended in order to enjoy our stay in this destination without having any health-related complications.

For, travel to Morocco it is recommended to apply the typhoid vaccine since there is a risk that we could contract some type of infectious stomach disease due to the low hygienic conditions that exist in the handling of food in the populated areas of the country.

If we have never had hepatitis A and hepatitis B and we have not received these vaccines previously, it is advisable to apply these vaccines and the tetanus-diphtheria vaccine since this disease is worldwide distributed and can be caused by any scratch, burn or wound.

Finally, we indicate the same as for others travel to African destinationsIt is advisable to only consume bottled water and avoid raw foods since water can do us a little harm as our body is not used to it.

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