Vienna is capital of Austria and is at banks of the Danube. Vienna is one of oldest capitals in Europe and due to its history it is considered one of the main cultural centers of the planet counting on a significant amount of artistic heritage.

Si we traveled to Vienna and we do not have much budget, we should not worry, we can visit many tourist attractions in Vienna for free, including:

• Ringstrasse. The Ringstrasse is a circular avenue that surrounds the city center and is made up of the busiest streets in Vienna. In Ringstrasse we will find the most important architectural works of Vienna such as the Hofburg Royal Palace, the Vienna Stock Exchange, the Parliament, the Town Hall, the Burgtheater, the Votive Church, the Museum of Art History, and the Museum of Natural History.

• Museum of Art History, the Museum of Natural History, the Albertina and the Belvedere. These Museums allow free admission on weekdays to those under 19 years old, if we are over 19 years old we will have to pay 5 euros.

• Hundertwasserhaus. This residential complex dating from the early XNUMXth century is picturesque due to its puzzle-like layout and the striking colors that decorate its streets. It is essential to visit the Hundertwasserhaus shopping center where we can see artistic exhibitions.

• Stadtpark. In this park of more than sixty thousand square meters we can spend an afternoon, walk on bridges, along the Wien river and enjoy a wide variety of plant species that are in the park.

• Tower of the Danube. Although it does not offer the best panoramic views of the city, the Torre del Danuebio, located in the park of the same name, is more than 250 meters high and is ideal for viewing part of the city.

We can also purchase the Vienna Card, with this card we will not only be able to access the metro, tram and bus transportation for 3 days from the day of purchase of the card, instead, we will obtain special discounts on the purchase of tickets to museums, monuments and tours (if we take into account that a transport card for 72 hours it has a price of 14 euros, it is reasonable that acquiring the Vienna Card is the most recommended).

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