Austria It is one of the ten richest countries in all of Europe and its citizens have an exceptional quality of life. Austria It is a recommended destination for fans of the cultural tourism having been the cradle of great personalities such as: Mozart, Schubert, Johann Strauss, Franz Liszt, among others, and for fans of Outdoor Activities and sports like him ski.

How to arrive

A Austria we can arrive By plane since this destination has six airports that receive international travel. In the same way, making use of the air Transport We can move within the country with airlines such as Air Alps that has regional and local flights every day.

Although, if we are traveling Europe or we have availability to make a trip of more hours, we can reach this destination by ground transportation, like the train, for example, since it is one of the European cities that has the most rail connections with the other countries of the continent. In all cases we recommend having Austria maps (roads, tourist attractions, etc) in order to always have a point of location.


The current Austrian anthem is called "Land der Berge, Lam am Strome" and became the official anthem from the end of 1947 when it replaced the one written by Joseph Haydn.


The best time to visit Austria is between the months of May to September. Although, it is not a country that registers very extreme temperatures, especially in summer that its average temperature is 25 ° C, while in winter it has reached -3 ° C.


Austria is part of the European Union so we can travel around the country using the euro as currency, however, it is important to bear in mind that many of its establishments do not usually accept credit cards so we must have cash to avoid setbacks .


This country has developed an important hotel offer, which is recognized by travelers for offering good services in all its presentations, be it from luxury hotels to hostels, bed & breakfast, ski hotel, spa hotel, etc.


When traveling to Austria there are some typical dishes and drinks that we must try to have a complete experience of this destination, among them we have: schnitzel a la vianesa, a veal-based dish; the Sachertorte, a biscuit filled with jam; and, the spiciest wine in the world that we can taste in the Weinviertel region.

What to see

Austria is an ideal destination to visit and discover cultural spaces since it has a wide variety of museums, buildings, monuments, palaces, etc. (Where we will be able to know the places where great representatives of various expressions of art were born, such as those mentioned above). In addition, it has spaces for sports such as skiing and other outdoor activities.

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