China It is one of the largest and most populated countries in the world, in addition to being one of the most visited for its attractions of a historical, cultural, artistic and mystical nature. Within the mystical spaces that we find in China we locate those intended for chinese religion.

La traditional chinese religion is constituted as a set of ancestral beliefs whose origin is still uncertain today, but even so, we know that the origins of the chinese religion It has been the result of the influence of different religious tendencies such as Islamic, Buddhist, Taoist, Catholic and Protestant. Being from the beginning a conglomerate of myths and cults fundamentally established in the polytheistic worship natural gods, the cult of death and the veneration of ancestors.

An important practice of chinese religion that comes from its beginnings is the cult of the ancestors. The ancestors are considered possessors of pleasant experience and one of the main ways for the explanation and understanding of complex issues, such as death. For this reason, the ancestors were and are venerated through the staging of special rites, sacrifices and banquets, all of them carried out in a specific temple.

Another important point of the chinese religion It is death understood as a replica of life on Earth, since each individual, at the moment of death, was attributed various souls, which remained inside the body and allowed him to continue with an existence, although now underground.

Finally, it is worth clarifying that, at present, the traditional Chinese religion has hundreds of millions of adherents, and although none religion is the dominant, Buddhism is the religion with the largest number of adherents.

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