If you want to go to New Zealand to travel, live, work or study, you may need to apply for a visa. However, there are some people who are exempt from it. In this article, we will talk about the requirements to enter this country and we will indicate in which situations a special permit is necessary.

Below you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with in this article.

Required Documentation

The passport is the basic document to be able to travel to New Zealand. However, in most cases a visa is also required.

Passport Number

As long as it is as a tourist, citizens of some countries can travel to New Zealand without applying for a visa. The States that can benefit from this advantage are the following:

  • A: Germany, Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Austria
  • B: Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria
  • C: Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Vatican City, South Korea, Croatia
  • D: Denmark
  • E: United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United States of America, Estonia
  • F: Finland, France
  • G: Greece
  • H: Hong Kong, Hungary
  • I: Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy
  • J: Japan
  • K: Kuwaiti
  • L: Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg
  • M: Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco
  • N: Norway
  • O: Oman
  • P: Netherlands, Poland, Portugal
  • Q: Qatari
  • R: UK, Czech Republic, Romania
  • S: San Marino, Seychelles, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland
  • T: Taiwan
  • U: Uruguay

The maximum stay for people from these territories is three months, six for those from the United Kingdom. Likewise, all of them must justify economic solvency, as well as present an exit ticket from the country and a valid passport.

Tourist visa

On the other hand, citizens of countries not mentioned above will have to apply for a visa to go to New Zealand.

La Visitor Visa or tourist visa allows you to stay in the territory until nine months. In addition, you can study for a total of three months. It can be ordered online or physically and the requirements are as follows:

  • Two photos for the physical application or one for the online one.
  • Be in good health.
  • Have good behavior. A police certificate may need to be provided.
  • Good faith.
  • Financial solvency: NZ $ 1.000 per month of stay or NZ $ 400 if accommodation has already been paid for. If not, you can have a sponsor to cover our expenses.
  • Statement that you will be responsible for the medical expenses that you may incur.
  • Return ticket or proof that you can afford one.

Working Holiday Visa

People who want to emigrate to New Zealand to travel and work for a good season are in luck. The Working Holiday Visa is a permit to stay in New Zealand for one year. In addition, during this time, you can study and work for up to six months (a maximum of three months for the same company).

The main requirements are: being of legal age, having health insurance and having enough money (NZ $ 4.200). In addition, there is a maximum age set for each country and a limited number of places, that is, an annual quota. Here are the conditions for some territories:

  • Argentina: 1.000 places, up to 35 years
  • Brazil: 300 places, up to 30 years
  • Chile: 1.000 places, up to 35 years
  • Spain: 200 places, up to 30 years
  • Mexico: 200 places, up to 30 years
  • Peru: 100 places, up to 30 years
  • Uruguay: 200 places, up to 35 years

As for people who have an Italian passport, places are unlimited, they can request it at any time and the maximum age is 30 years. On the other hand, the application date for each country is different and may vary each year.

In the case of the United States, they do not have a limited number of places either, so there is no fixed deadline to carry out the process.

You can find all the information about this visa in the following article: New Zealand Working Holiday Visa Manual.

Emigrate to New Zealand

On the other hand, if you want to go to work for a longer period of time, there are other types of visas. One of them is the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa, which is aimed at qualified people under 55 years of age.

Furthermore, the Talent Work Visa It is intended for people who have been offered a full-time job by a New Zealand entrepreneur. You must also be under 55 years of age.

You can find all the information related to each visa as well as the application forms on the New Zealand Immigration website (which is in English), which you can access by clicking this link.

Necessary vaccinations and medical advice

There is no mandatory vaccination to travel to New Zealand, as we did not find significant risks of contracting any dangerous disease in any area of ​​the territory.

However, it is advisable to have these three vaccines up to date:

  • Tetanus-diphtheria
  • MMR (measles, rubella and mumps)
  • Hepatitis A

As for insects, there are large numbers of horseflies whose bite is not dangerous but painful. Therefore, the use of a good repellent is recommended.

Also, the ozone layer is quite thin, so you should wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses to avoid burns and skin damage.

Recommendations for Spaniards

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation indicates that the New Zealand health system is optimal. In relation to this, it is recommended to take out travel insurance with a wide coverage.

The earthquakes they are frequent, so, as a preventive measure, it is advisable to register in the Travelers Registry, which you can access by clicking this link. In the event of an earthquake, follow the instructions of the New Zealand authorities.

If you have any problems during your trip, you can go to the Embassy of Spain in New Zealand, which is at the following address: Level 11 i Center, 50 Manners St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011.

As for the official New Zealand bodies in Spain, they are the following:

  • New Zealand Embassy: Calle del Pinar, 7 - 3º. 28006, Madrid.
  • Consulate of New Zealand: Travessera de Gràcia, 64. 08006, Barcelona.

Questions from users

How much does a trip to New Zealand from Spain cost?

The price varies considerably depending on the dates of travel, but a round trip flight usually exceeds € 1.000. As for accommodation, there are them for all budgets. It is best to buy these services well in advance.

Can I immigrate to New Zealand as a professional?

Yes, since there are special visas for qualified people who want to work in the country (Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa), and even for those who want to open their business there (Entrepreneur Work Visa).

Can I extend the Working Holiday Visa?

Yes, once you are in New Zealand, you can request one Working Holiday Extension Work Visa, which allows you to stay three more months in the territory.

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