Acquiring the boarding pass and checking the luggage are two important processes that must be carried out before taking our flight. The way to do it depends on the airline you are traveling with, as each of them offers several alternatives. In this article, we will explain how to get your boarding pass and check your bags without problems.

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How to get your boarding pass and check in your bags

Boarding pass

Depending on the airline you fly with, you have some methods or others to get your boarding pass:


With Vueling You can check-in online from when you buy the ticket until four hours before taking the flight (24 hours in some cases). However, if you want your seat to be assigned free of charge, you can do so seven days before the flight.

With the Optima Fare, the Excellence Fare and the Economy Checked baggage, you will get your boarding pass the moment you make the purchase.

In this way you will obtain the boarding pass, which is downloaded in PDF format for you to print. You can also take it on the mobile Through an SMS that you will receive or by downloading the official app.

However, if you are going with a baby, you have hired the minors escort service or you are traveling with a pet, you will have to check-in at the airport counter, where you will be given your boarding pass. You can also go there if you have not been able to check-in online, as the service is free.

Air Europa

Air Europa allows you to check-in online between 48 hours and 1 hour before the flight. Once done, you can print the boarding pass, although you can also carry out this procedure at the airport counter.

If your flight has the United States as its origin or destination, online check-in opens 24 hours before the flight.

In the same way, if you are going to take an animal in the cabin, an unaccompanied minor is traveling or you have any special requirement, you must obtain the boarding pass at the airport.


With Ryanair You are obliged to check-in online unless you travel with the Business Plus rate, with which you will get your boarding pass at the airport for free.

You can access the online service 60 days before the flight, but if you want to get the free seat you must do so four days previous. The service closes two hours before the plane takes off. If you get your boarding pass at the airport, you will be charged a fee.

You can also take the boarding pass on your mobile by downloading the official app of Ryanair. However, this method is not accepted at these airports:

  • Agadir-Al Massira Airport (Morocco)
  • Essaouira Airport (Morocco)
  • Fez-Saïss Airport (Morocco)
  • Marrakech-Menara Airport (Morocco)
  • Oujda Angads Airport (Morocco)
  • Rabat-Salé Airport (Morocco)
  • Tangier Airport (Morocco)
  • Kefalonia International Airport (Greece)
  • Nador International Airport (Morocco)
  • Volos International Airport - Nea Anchialos (Greece)

You can find more information about this procedure in the following article: How to check in and get your boarding pass at Ryanair.


Iberia provides three options for obtaining the boarding pass: check-in online, at a self-check-in machine at the airport or at one of its counters.

El online check-in It is available between 24 hours and 1 hour before the flight, unless traveling to Lagos and San José, which closes 90 minutes before; or to Caracas, which is done 180 minutes before.

You can both print the boarding pass and carry it on your mobile. In it you will see which boarding group you belong to, which will get on the plane in this order:

  1. Priority: people with a Preferential or Business class ticket, or with an Iberia Singular, Iberia Plus Platino and Oro card or their oneworld equivalents.
  2. Group A- Travelers with special needs, traveling with young children, or carrying a personal item.
  3. Group 1: people whose seat is in the back of the plane.
  4. Group 2: travelers going in the middle of the plane.
  5. Group 3: people with their seat in the front area of ​​the plane.
  6. No group: customers who do not have a specific group reflected on the boarding pass.


People who fly with LATAM Airlines Group can check-in online between 48 and 2 hours before the flight. If you have any medical need, travel with pets or have more babies than adults, you must obtain the card at the airport.

You can also download their mobile application and carry your boarding pass electronics.

If the responsible company is LATAM Airlines Brasil or Paraguay, online check-in is available between 72 and 2 hours before (up to 45 min. Before if it is a domestic flight within Brazil).

Also, in some airports you will find totems or machines from which to check-in.


Binter allows you to check-in online between 7 days and 30 minutes before the plane leaves. You can print the boarding pass or carry it on your mobile phone.

It is also possible to purchase the card at the airport check-in desk. When boarding, if your flight ticket is subsidized, you must present the proof of Canarian resident or large family.


Norwegian gives the option of obtaining the boarding pass online 24 hours before the flight. It can be done both from your website and from your application called Travel assistant.

In addition, if you have provided your phone number to the company, they will send an SMS to your mobile phone two hours before the flight so that you can purchase your boarding pass from it.

You can also obtain the card at the airport's self-service machines, but if you have hired the service for minors traveling alone, need special assistance or are traveling with animals, musical instruments, or sports equipment, you must go to the counter at least one in advance. hour.


Transavia also allows you to check-in online to print the boarding pass or download it to your mobile, although the latter does not work for all airports. You can also get the card at the airport counters

jet smart

Jetsmart online check-in is available between 72 hours and 30 minutes before the flight, and you can take your boarding pass both in print and on your mobile phone.

On the other hand, you can get it at an airport counter between 120 and 30 minutes before take-off, but you must bear in mind that this service has an additional cost.

Air France

Air France offers four alternatives to get your boarding pass: from the website, with its mobile application, at the interactive machines at the airport or at its counters.

Online check-in opens 30 hours before, with the exception of Delta Air Lines flights that depart from the United States and Air France flights that do so from Atlanta or Detroit, which are available 24 hours before.


With Eurowings, formerly known as Germanwings, you can check in online from 72 hours before your flight departs. If the plane leaves from Germany (except from Friedrichshafen and Rostock-Laage), and has a stopover at one of the following airports, at the departure airport they will provide you with a boarding pass for the entire flight:

  • Colonia
  • Stuttgart
  • Hanover
  • Berlin

Lot Polish Airlines

This airline allows you to print your boarding pass online between 36 hours and 120 minutes before the flight. Likewise, you can request that an SMS be sent to your mobile with the link to the card, in order to save it on your device.

If you are going to take a intercontinental flight or traveling outside the Schengen zone, you can also get your boarding pass at the airport.

Plus Ultra Airlines

Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas does not have an online check-in service, so you must check in directly at the airport, where they will provide you with your boarding pass. Therefore, the airline recommends that you show up at least three hours in advance.

Turkish Airlines

You can check-in at the airport self-service machines between 12 hours and 45 minutes before the flight if it is a domestic one. If it is international, this option closes 60 minutes before departure. You can also go to a counter.

If you choose to obtain the boarding pass through its website or official app, you can do it between 24 hours and 90 minutes before. You can check what options are allowed at each airport by clicking this link.

Air Arabia

If you are flying from Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates, you can check in online from 24 hours before the flight. For the rest of flights, the option is available 12 hours in advance. The boarding pass must be printed.

Travel agencies

If you have booked your flight with an online travel agency, they may help you with the procedure. In the case of eDreams, you can order it if you fly with EasyJet, Ryanair or Vueling.

Logitravel allows you to check-in online from its website if you only go with a carry-on bag. This is available for most airlines, for example Swiss, Turkish Airlines, Brussels Airlines and KLM, among others.

Baggage check

If, in addition to hand luggage, you need to check in a suitcase, you should go to the counter of the company you are flying with. It is advisable to be more than one hour earlier at the airport to carry out this.

Technological advances and facilities are also coming in baggage check-in. For example, Iberia has the MyBagTag service to obtain the labels for checked luggage from your home and thus save time at the airport.

If you want to know the particular conditions of checked luggage (weight, dimensions, quantity ...) of the airline with which you are going to travel, it is recommended that you read the following article: Checked baggage allowed by companies.

In the event that you already have your boarding pass and do not have to check in any suitcase, you do not need to go to the airline counter, you can go directly through the airport security control and go to the boarding gate.

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