Typical dishes of the world

The culinary culture of each country is one of its greatest signs of identity. However, we can talk about gastronomic trends around the world, such as the Mediterranean diet, Japanese cuisine or Arab-Lebanese food, among others that you will find here.

Typical food of France: foie gras

Foie gras is a typical French dish that is eaten on special occasions, such as Christmas. Here we tell you what all its characteristics.

Typical food of Ecuador

The gastronomy of Ecuador is differentiated by regions. Also known as Creole food, discover in this article what the main meals are.

Typical dishes of the Sierra (Peru)

Along with the cuisines of the coast and the jungle, the gastronomy of the Peruvian Highlands stands out for unique dishes such as humitas or green chupe.

Typical dishes of Mexico

The typical foods of Mexico include numerous products with which each dish can be seasoned in order to achieve the most intense flavors. From the famous tacos to the dulce de alfeñique, in this article you can find a comprehensive guide on Mexican cuisine.