In Spain we can find numerous institutes of gastronomy specialized in various branches of culinary art such as pastry, Mediterranean gastronomy, chocolate, etc.

Here is a list of the most popular gastronomy institutes and schools in the Spanish region:

Toledo Higher School of Gastronomy, Hospitality and Tourism: This private educational center is to date perhaps the most important culinary training center in Spain. The facilities have 7.820 m2 of built land and a space that can accommodate up to 600 students.

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Higher School of Hospitality in Seville: Formed in 1993 and winner of the EURHODIP award for the best European school in 2000 and in 2005.

Chocovich classroom:
The first school specialized in chocolate in Spain.

European School of Pastry and Gastronomy: It is directed by Paco Torreblanca, one of the best Spanish pastry chefs. The school is in Alicante.

Terra d'Escudella cooking school: Another institution dedicated to the specialized teaching of cooking. It is located in Barcelona.

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Altaviana Cooking, Restaurant and Hospitality School: Their bridging programs between secondary education and higher instruction are very good. The school is in Valencia.